Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Betwixt tha streech o Drumfad Bay,
An flets o san at Gannaway,
Coastguairds, whiles, wud watch bi day,
Ower roaks an stoarms,
An then whan aa wus lown wud play,
At fillin foarms.

Oul boat-holes gien up thair task in,
Reuch an roakie Ballyhaskin,
Eneuch o pladdies fur tha askin,
An mair on doon,
Roakie heidlans at Tha Whuskin,
Gar boats gang roon.

Whan sannie shore has tide gan oot,
Tha Whuskin’s roaks stan prood an stoot,
But sautie wattèrs aye aboot,
Fur tides jaist drap,
An lea tha deep-sey tang’l root,
Abane tha tap.

Amang tha roaks, scarts sweemin, babbed.
In oot tha creeks wi tides lang scarred,
Like heid o hair that kame had dabbed,
Wi bustit tooth,
An clane-shaved roaks wi limpits scabbed,
Aroon tha mooth.

Tha strans o roak like yella-man,
Yinst streeched an pu’ed wi Michtie Han,
A thoosan blue-stane, slatey bans,
That bak-wash drains.
Whar leevin sea meets promised lan,
On its bare banes.

Stane pages o creation’s buik,
Stuid up on en, abane tae luk,
Betwixt tha sey an Whuskin’s neuk,
Blue leevin slates,
In wavey lines frae Scotlann tuk,
Tae cleek tha States.

1 comment:

  1. Never thought I'd see Ballyhaskin featured in a poem.
    I think I understood about 10% of it.
    Strange, but when I tried reasding it, I slipped into a Scottish accent.